Mountain Huts and Agritourisms in Val Comelico

The numerous walking or mountain bike trails lead to various mountain huts, malgas and farms where you will be welcomed with open arms and have the possibility to try delicious typical dishes and traditional deserts. Charming landscape and breathtaking scenery that you will never forget.



This is an agritourism-educational farm built in a former military barracks located in Stabiorco almost at the top of the Sant'Antonio Pass along the Provincial Road no. 532 Padola - Auronzo. It has a cosy atmosphere and the possibility to sample and buy products produced on the premises.

Ai Lares

RIFUGIO LUNELLI MOUNTAIN HUT - SELVAPIANA 1568 m (only open in the summer)

The Rifugio Lunelli mountain hut in Selvapiana can be reached via a tarmac road about 3 km from Valgrande. It is the ideal starting point for all excursions to the Popera Group mountains.

Rifugio Lunelli

RIFUGIO ANTONIO BERTI MOUNTAIN HUT. 1950 m (only open in the summer)

OPEN: the weekend of 13 and 14 June and all day from 20 June
The mountain hut is located on the lower side of Vallon Popera, an area that was declared a World Heritage Site in 2009. It can be reached on foot in about an hour from the car park in Selvapiana. 
It provides a bar restaurant service serving typical dishes and can sleep up to 48 people in small rooms with 2-4 beds and two large rooms with 14 and 16 beds, it has 4 bathrooms, 10 sinks, hot showers and electricity.

It is the ideal departure point for the Roghel, Cengia Gabriella and Strada degli Alpini via ferratas where you can circumnavigate the central part of the Popera Group and the Zandonella via ferratas in Sextener Rotwand with departure and return on the same day to the mountain hut. It is also a stopover on the Altavia no.9 that crosses the Dolomites from east to west and a variation of Altavia no.5 "di Tiziano".

The various nature walks, different flowering blooms and colors, the fascinating lake, the panoramic lookout point where you can admire the majestic crags of the Popera Group, excursions on First World War trails and trenches and the unusual route to discover the fortifications in the Alpine Wall make this an unforgettable experience.



It can be reached on the tarmac "della costa" road from the junction with State Road no.52 "Carnica" Padola – Passo Montecroce or directly through the Montecroce Comelico Pass. Once you reach the Coltrondo malga go straight on for about 400 meters to reach the Rinfreddo mountain hut. It is the ideal starting point for excursions to the Costa della Spina, Mount Quaternà and the surrounding area.



It can be reached on a tarmac "della costa" road from the junction with State Road no.52 "Carnica" Padola –Montecroce Pass or directly from the Montecroce Comelico Pass.

malga coltrondo