Scuola sci

The Padola Ski School in the Dolomites of Val Comelico

The Padola Ski School in Val Comelico, located right on the ski slopes, has been teaching people how to ski for many years with the help of a group of expert Ski Instructors.

We provide individual or group lessons to suit the needs of our clients; adults, children, beginners or expert skiers to ensure that their holidays are fun and secure. At the end of every week there is a race followed by a torchlight descent for everyone.

The Tre Picchi chairlift reaches black and red slopes for more expert skiers and a ski school that is ideal for beginners.

Entrusting yourself to the care of a qualified Ski Instructor means trying a sport that brings you into close contact with nature in complete safety.

Padola Ski School
Via Rodolfo Martini 31
32040 Padola (BL)
Tel. and Fax : 0435 – 470159