Tradizioni e Amicizia

Pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Maria Luggau

The pilgrimage from Comelico to Maria Luggau on foot has taken place every year since 1997, usually on the second Sunday in June to coincide with the Feast of the Holy Trinity, or the following Sunday on the Feast of Corpus Christi. Every year the event is communicated well in advance. The program is as follows:

from Val Digon through Cima Vallona

4:00 rendezvous at "Sega Digon"
4:30 departure from "Pian d'la Mola"
7:30 Cima Vallona pass

from Val Visdende through Dignas

4:00 rendezvous in the main square in S. Stefano di Cadore
4:30 departure from "Prà Marino"
7:30 Col Dignas
9:00 arrival at (Klapfsee) lake, stop and meet up between the two groups
9:30 departure from Klapfsee lake
12:30 Untertilliach (stop for packed lunch)
14:30 arrival at Maria Luggau
15:30 Mass at the Sanctuary

  • to return from Maria Luggau a bus is provided: bookings must be made by 10 June by telephone to the following numbers +393471405791 / +393332842279 / +39435.650118/ and there is a charge of 10 euro per person;
  • rendezvous at Sega Digon (or from Sandrin for the route from Val Visdende) maximum punctuality is requested, and departure all together to Pian d'la Mola by car;
  • the particular features of the Pilgrimage are prayer, friendship and mutual help to those around us;
  • the walk lasts around 7 and a half hours so a minimum of training or familiarity with walking is required, and as usual the Pilgrimage takes place no matter the weather conditions;
  • the route crosses over high mountain trails: suitable clothing and footwear are required and the necessity of crossing over short distances still covered in snow is not excluded;