Trekking invernale

Snowshoeing and winter trekking in Val Comelico

Walking in the winter in Val Comelico is a real treat and there are many excursions available on foot and with “snowshoes” for an unforgettable experience in almost unbelievably quiet surroundings.
Discover the natural wonders of Val Comelico in the day or by moonlight, alone or in a group, "float" on the snow and have fun with friends, try a warm glass of vin brulé and sample local specialities and dishes. Professionals that love and live in the mountains have prepared amazing routes for this season!


For more expert skiers we recommend the "Ciaspolada sulla Spina" an excursion with snowshoes or alpine skis along the Spina, a geologically significant rocky ridge, with departure from the centre of Casamazzagno, passing by the historical church of di S. Leonardo (XVI century), along trail no. 148. The scenery is simple breathtaking of the Comelico Dolomites, Mount Popera, Brentoni and along the border that separates Italy and Austria. The tour continues on the ridge until Col Rosson (2305 m) and then comes back down to the valley. The excursion can be a half day or continue on into the afternoon: organisation is left up to Dolomiti Trekking Environmental Tour guides.

For families we recommend the excursion "Con le ciaspe al tramonto" (snowshoeing at sunset), hold every Wednesday in the winter time in the company of the expert mountain guide Costantino Dell'Osta (Tel 0435 470102): departure is from the Passo S. Antonio, crossing through all the high planes along the slopes of the Mount Ajarnola, from Rin al lago Ajarnola and Casera; then on to Col a Pra Gran, with its splendid view of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Cadore. Equipment can be hired on site. Discover all that Val Comelico has to offer.